Lifes Energy | WHY BIOMASS?
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Biomass Boilers are more efficient


Biomass boilers are very efficient as they have been built using the best of modern technology. They will currently operate at 90% efficiency which is a huge amount more than with conventional boilers and electric heating systems.

Sustainability & environment


Burning wood that is sensibly sourced is low carbon as the wood is from trees that grow by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This carbon is released back into the atmosphere either by the wood decaying or being combusted. Using biomass as a fuel allows the carbon that would be released anyway to replace fossil fuels. Sustainable forest management allows for a stable supply of wood for fuel.

Affordable heating fuel


Wood fuel is one of the cheapest heating fuels around. In the UK, it is competitive with mains gas and is significantly cheaper than other off-grid solutions, such as electric heating and oil. Wood fuel can cut your heating bills by a third if switching from oil and by two thirds if switching from electric heating.

Renewable heat incentive


The Non-Domestic RHI is a Government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to increase the uptake of renewable heat. The RHI, which started in November 2011, provides payments for renewable heat energy generated over a 20 year period to eligible renewable heat generators.

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