Lifes Energy | Solar customer enjoys sunny days in Scarborough
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Solar customer enjoys sunny days in Scarborough

Key Facts


Family home


Installed solar panels as part of large home inprovement project


4kw system fitted


SW facing roof



Regular payments from feed-in tariff and export tariff boost family income

Free electricity during the day reduces the family’s electricity bill

Completely maintenance free

Two years after their solar panels were fitted, our customer is still pleased with the installation.


The customer had this to say:

“Having received a number of quotes I selected Life’s Energy to fit my Solar PV panels because I considered they offered a good service at a sensible price. They were professional, the schedule of work was efficient and happened as it was meant to, without mess or fuss. Having had the panels now for two years I am delighted with the reduction on my energy bills plus the income earned each year is great. All I have to do is submit a reading every quarter and I receive a payment from my energy supplier. I love sunny days at the best of times – I love them more now – and it doesn’t have to be a bright day to generate electricity either! I’ve recommend Life’s Energy previously to friends and I’ll continue to do so.”

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