Lifes Energy | The advantages of having a biomass boiler in a residential property
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The advantages of having a biomass boiler in a residential property

Key Facts


One tonne of pellets delivered every other month


Pellets cost £220 per tonne


Renewable Heat Incentive payments of around £1000 per quarter


8.25 tonnes of carbon saved each year



Low maintenance

Ash makes a great fertiliser

RHI payable tax-free for 7 years

Biomass fuel is carbon neutral

A year ago Mr & Mrs Fisher were looking to replace their old oil burning boiler. Concerned about erratic oil prices and keen to get efficiency from their fuel, the couple looked to biomass to provide heat and water for their five bedroom property in North Yorkshire.



New boiler efficiencies up to 98%


Rural North Yorkshire can often be chilly, so heating a family home can become costly, especially when running an older boiler. Replacing an old boiler with new brings cost efficiencies; but replacing any boiler with one powered by biomass fuel brings up to 98% efficiency as well an income from the Government’s RHI scheme.


Government payments of around £4,000 per year, for seven years


Renewable Heat Incentive is paid by the Government on a quarterly basis rewarding home owners for every KwH of heat energy they generate.  It is index linked and tax free. The Fishers received  £4,377 in their first year. The payments will continue for 7 years.


Sustainable fuel saves 8.25 tonnes of carbon each year


Biomass fuels such as pellets, logs and wood chips are renewable and classed as carbon neutral as they only release carbon recently absorbed by the tree. Whereas fossil fuels release carbon which has been trapped for millennia. The ash resulting from the daily burning of biomass fuel (approx. 1%) makes a great fertiliser too.


Calculate how much carbon you could save by installing a biomass boiler to replace your oil burning heating system by using our online calculator.

“Our biomass boiler is an important part of family life. It provides heat and an income for our household whilst being reassuringly gentle on the environment.”


Mr & Mrs Fisher

To find out how you could benefit from the installation of a Biomass Boiler click here