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Solar iBoost

Key Facts


2 year warranty


Fits a standard 3kW immersion heater


Wireless system with digital display


30,000 installed in UK


Manufactured by Marlec



Installs in minutes

Uses free electricty from your solar panels to heat hot water

Reduces the use of your boiler

No affect on your Feed in Tariff

Fitted by local renewable energy installer

If you already have Solar Panels for your home then you will know there are periods of export when you can’t consume all the energy you generate. This energy normally flows back to the grid seamlessly so you may not even be aware of it.


If your home has hot water storage, with an immersion heater, then it is ideal for a Solar iBoost+. Fitted in minutes, this gadget will instantly start saving you money on heating.


How does it work?

Working wirelessly a Solar iBoost fits neatly into your airing cupboard. The system instantly responds to your home’s variations in power consumption and the changing weather – heating your water when excess power is generated by your solar panels. Quick to install the Solar iBoost works alongside your existing water heating system.


Does it affect my Feed In Tariff Payments?
No, these will remain exactly as they are. The main difference will be that you are now using all of the energy you are generating – rather than exporting the excess.


How does it save me money?
Using your surplus solar photovoltaic energy to heat the water in your tank means that you do not have to ignite your boiler. This means you use you boiler less and cut the cost of heating water in your home. Essentially, you are using free energy to heat your water rather than paying for it.


How do I get one?
Contact the team at Life’s Energy for an energy consultation. We will undertake a short, rudimentary survey to check if your home is suitable for the device and fit it at your convenience. Call us now on 01723 371374 or complete the enquiry form on our home page.

“Having had the panels now for two years I am delighted with the reduction on my energy bills plus the income earned each year is great.”


Bridlington resident

To find out how you could benefit from the installation of Solar iBoost click here