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Voltage Optimiser

Key Facts


Electricity consumption reduced by at least 10%


No maintenance


Made in the UK


Fully Guaranteed


Manufacturers ‘no quibble’ 5 year warranty



Optimises UK voltage to suit International or European electrical appliances

Reduces waste electricty – pay only for what you use

Reduces heat and vibration generated inside electrical appliances, prolonging their lifespan

Simple to fit to existing electricty supply

Installed in under an hour by local installer Life’s Energy

Single phase Voltage optimisers are a smart way to reduce your electricity bills.


In the UK electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts, which is high compared to other countries. By carefully reducing your household voltage supply to around 220 Volts, this clever gadget saves you over-supplying your electrical appliances, which are often manufactured for a lower voltage.


The reduction in supply not only saves you money on electricity but can also extend the life of your appliances. Supplying power at the ideal level means you reduce wasted heat and vibration which has a particularly large effect on lighting. With a Voltage Optimiser your light bulbs will last longer!


Contact the team at Life’s Energy for an energy consultation. We will undertake a short, rudimentary survey to check where in your home is suitable for the device. We will then fit it at your convenience.

“Our biomass boiler is an important part of family life. It provides heat and an income for our household whilst being reassuringly gentle on the environment.”


Mr & Mrs Fisher

To find out how you could benefit from the installation of a Voltage Optimiser click here