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Total Annual Benefit

4 Years

Payback on Investment


Estimated 20 year benefit

Cost Benefit


Payback in 4 years

Carbon saving per year: 34,000Kg

Fuel saving per year: £4,000

RHI Payments per year: £17,000

Total Annual Benefit – £21,000

Life’s Energy supported Transtools – a warehouse-based tool supply business – through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. We installed a 108kW Hargassner boiler and a 1,000 litre accumulator tank.


Expected to pay for itself in under four years, the biomass boiler is used to heat the company’s workshop area with four 24.5 kW hot air blowers.


Installed in 8 days
No business disruption
Commissioned in 2015


The system is highly efficient and burns carbon neutral wood pellets which produce a small amount of ash, cleared monthly by the owner.

“We expect to save around £4,000 per year by switching to pellets from oil and gain £17,000 per year in RHI payment. A biomass boiler is a sound business decision for any profitable company.”


Lee Topham, Managing Director, Transtools

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