Lifes Energy | Rocklands Lodges
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Rocklands Lodges


Total Annual Benefit

5.5 Years

Payback on Investment


Estimated 20 year benefit

Cost Benefit


Payback in 5.5 years

Carbon saving per year: 38,440Kg

Fuel saving per year: £3,500

RHI Payments per year: £13,560

Total Annual Benefit – £17,060

Life’s Energy steered Rocklands Lodges through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme installing two Windharger 60kW biomass boilers.


Two boilers provide heat and instant hot water to 14 lodges and the owner’s home via an underground district system.


Neatly installed with little disruption to guests
10 tonne pellet store to automatically feed the boiler
Accumulator tank ensures constant access to hot water for guests


The system is part of the owners ambition to leave a legacy of an eco-village for his family.

“Biomass boilers are the perfect solution for an ethical business and represent a saving of fuel costs as well as the added bonus of an extra income for the business.”


Esmund Watson, Owner, Rocklands

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