Lifes Energy | Scarborough Rugby Club
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Scarborough Rugby Club


Total Annual Benefit

5 Years

Payback on Investment


Estimated 20 year benefit

Cost Benefit


Payback in 5 years

Electricity savings per year: £2,500

FIT Payments per year: £3,500

Return on investment per year: 19%

Total Annual Benefit – £6,000

Scarborough Rugby Club invested in a 120 solar panel installation on their clubhouse roof. The panels are self cleaning and protect the roof, whilst generating free electricity for the club. Installed with minimum of disruption the panels are guaranteed for 20 years in the exposed setting.


Scarborough Rigby Club save around £2,500 per year by using the electricity they generate with their solar panels rather than buying it from their energy supplier. In addition they attract a £3,300 feed in tariff for the energy they generate – regardless of whether they use it or not. The feed in tariff is part of the Governments Green initiative, is tax free and guaranteed for 20 years.


At these rates it is expected that the initial investment of the solar panels will be paid off within the first five years leaving the Rugby Club with 15 years of guaranteed tax free income.

“We have had a lot of electrical work carried out by Life`s Energy. They are local and have fitted hundreds of systems so we were delighted to have them install our panels. There was no disruption to our business, or the power supply during the work. The panels blend in well and, due to their position, don`t detract from the building.”


Richard Appleton, Scarborough Rugby Club

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