Lifes Energy | Fimber Field Farm
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Fimber Field Farm


Total Annual Benefit

5 Years

Payback on Investment


Estimated 20 year benefit

Cost Benefit


Payback in 5 years

Carbon saving per year: 22.6 tonnes

Fuel saving per year: £6,206

RHI Payments per year: £6,029

Total Annual Benefit – £12,235

The team at Life’s Energy worked with the owner of Fimber Field Farm to reduce the amount of money they were spending on oil to heat properties on their farm.


By installing a 105 kW Hargassner biomass boiler allowed the farmer to burn wood pellets in place of oil and save around £6,200 per year in fuel costs.


5 year mechanical warranty
2 year electrical warranty
Installed in 2015


The system is expected to pay for itself around five years.

“The biomass boiler is so easy to maintain. It is automatically fed and all I have to do is empty the ash pan once a month. The extra income is useful – a real added bonus!”


Mr A Chapman, Owner

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