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Renewable Energy Installers in Driffield

Renewable Energy Installers in Driffield

Large areas of Driffield have no British Gas supply and rely on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or Oil to provide hot water and heating throughout their homes and businesses. With 656 businesses in the YO25 postcode and 1,103 residential properties around Driffield with no mains gas; it aligns perfectly with the East Riding of Yorkshire's sharp money sense to consider the cost advantages of micro-generation.

Even if you have mains gas supply, it may still pay you to invest in a renewable energy installation.  The cost of most installations is recovered from feed-in tariff (FIT) or renewable heat incentive (RHI) payments within 6 years, so after that you are effectively getting free energy.

Life's Energy is a specialist installer in the Driffield area offering renewable energy installations such as solar panels and biomass boilers to homes and businesses in the East Riding. All of which provide a cost efficient alternative to LPG or oil, as well as attracting renewable energy payments from the Government.  Payments which often cover the cost of a renewable energy installation in less than 7 years.

Solar Panels in sunny Driffield

  • Cost of panels at an all time low due to technology improvements and mass marketing
  • Government incentive payments for all systems - for all the energy you generate, whether you use it or not
  • 17% return on investment, most systems pay for themselves in under 6 years
  • Free electricity during daylight hours, dramatically reducing your bill
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon emissions
  • Finance options available

Biomass Boilers - Ideal for Homes in Rural Villages Throughout East Riding of Yorkshire

  • Burn wood logs, pellets or chips, cheaper than oil, gas or LPG
  • Attract Government RHI payments
  • Particularly suited to large properties, businesses or even small communities
  • Case studies show fantastic return on investment
  • Finance options available

Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Convert latent energy in air to heat and pump it around your property
  • Typical return on investment of 14% a year
  • Tax free payments from the Government cover the cost of your installation in around 7 years
  • Finance options available

Contact Life's Energy for more information.  Why not visit our showroom or make an appointment for a member of the team to come to your property and review your options?