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Renewable Energy Suppliers in Thirsk

Renewable Energy Suppliers in Thirsk

As fuel costs rise, many people are turning to micro-generation to heat their homes and provide hot water for their business premises.  Large areas of Thirsk and its surrounding villages have no mains gas supply and rely on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or Oil to provide hot water. Using renewable fuels - such as solar or woodchip - to provide energy is an ideal solution.

What is micro-generation?

Micro-generation is the term used to describe the production of usable energy on a small scale suitable for home or business use. It is used to describe the energy created from:

To take advantage of renewable energies such as solar power, people in Thirsk can rely on North Yorkshire's premier  installer Life's Energy to get the best quality system for their needs.

On our website are plenty of customer case studies outlining the reality of having a micro generation system on your property as well as information on our finance deals and how all renewable energy installations qualify for a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or Feed-in tariff (FIT) Payment from the government; payments which mean the cost of installation is covered in a little under 6 years.

Contact us now to arrange a consultation with member of our team or visit our showroom to see the renewable energy systems for yourself.