The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies among householders, communities and businesses through the provision of financial incentives. The RHI scheme is open to homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales and is administered by the energy industry regulator OFGEM.

Homeowners can claim RHI for the following renewable energy systems from Life's Energy:

•    Biomass Boilers - burning logs, wood chips or pellets
•    Solar water heating - Solar Thermal
•    Certain heat pumps - either ground source or air source

Domestic payments are made for 7 years and are based on the amount of renewable heat made by your heating system. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) pays householders according to the system they use and the amount of heat produced.  

The householder must meet certain criteria before applying for RHI payments:

•    Complete a Green Deal Assessment of their property
•    Install loft and cavity wall insulation as recommended
•    Obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from an accredited energy assessor
•    Select a renewable heating system, as listed above
•    Apply for RHI according to the OFGEM guidelines 

Who is eligible for RHI Payments from the Government?

Any homeowner can apply for the scheme.  Solar thermal panels must provide domestic hot water only (i.e. not for swimming pools etc). And biomass and heat pump systems must heat rooms, or rooms and domestic hot water, using a wet central heating system. It applies to:
•    Homeowners 
•    Private Landlords
•    Registered Social Housing Providers
•    Self-builders

How much can homeowners expect to earn from RHI in a domestic setting?

Homeowners receive payments quarterly for seven years according to the renewable technology they choose and the heat they produce.
Heat estimations for biomass and heat pump systems are based on the figure quoted on the EPC. Solar thermal heat estimation is based on the figure calculated by the MCS installer.

There are several case studies from Life's Energy Customers which give real life examples of the massive benefits of installing renewable energy and gaining RHI payments from the Government.